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Full Version: Trying to get Jarvis 16.1 back!!!!
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Hi all

New to all this so I am not exactly tech savvy with kodi/ android.

Installed krypton 17.3 to my android sumvision x4 box (version 4.4.2) and it ran really slow- looks like I need android 5 or above?

The question is can I get Jarvis 16.1 back?

I've tried directly downloading from kodi website under older versions but only 17 is there. Also tried other sites but receiving an OBB error!

Need some help please?!?!?
17.x doesn't run at all on Android < 5.0 I wonder how you managet to install it at all? There is v16.1 to be downloaded, just click on "older versions"
Hint... follow this link.. for a Forked version of Kodi v17 on Android 4.4.x

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However you will get no support here on the Kodi forums for such forks, see the MyGica forums.