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Full Version: Only see The Movie Database kodi scraper (OSX)
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For some reason I only have the "Kodi: The Movie Database" scraper in my list of movie scrapers. The other scrapers I have installed in kodi don't show up at all.

Running on OSX, latest stable Kodi and latest stable TMM.
Hmm... no clue, and no Mac to test.
Can you upload the tmm.log somewhere?
Found the log, they were not in the location I had expected. Normally logs on a Mac are stored in ~/Library/Logs, but with tmm they are actually stored within the application itself. I smell a feature request here ;-)

Looking at the logs it seems tmm only looks into the following folder for KODI plugins:

User plugins tend to land in the following location as well:
~/Library/Application\ Support/Kodi/addons/

which is the directory my plugins are.

I moved the addons from the folder in my user directory to the one in my root directory, does the trick.
hmm.. should work - that user folder IS in our listing.
Can you send me a logfile from a TMM startup?