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Full Version: Kodi 17 auto skipping Anime intro and outro - problem with subs
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Kodi version: Kodi 17.1

Today I wanted to watch Anime - Code Geass S1 by group THORA. I used an external subtitle file. I was very surprised when at some point the inscriptions were synchronized. I sat down in front of the computer and started watching the same episode and the subtitles were perfect. I started to look closely at the file (Code_Geass_EP01_The_Day_the_Demon_was_Born_ [720p, BluRay, x264] _-_ gg-THORA.mkv) and noticed that the file (mkv) has separate chapters with intro and outro.

The length of the episode on the computer is 24:08, while in Kodi it is 21:21.

There are three chapters in the Chapters menu:
Prologue 00:00
OP 00:00
Main 01:42
I also saw the entire episode in Kodi - no intro and outro. For some reason Kodi skips intro, outro, and does not even show them.

The problem appears with subtitles. Aas I said I use an external subtitle file that also has timing and words in intro and outro. And since Kodi does not display these chapters, it shifts all the timing of the episode - where the intro and the song are in the subtitles, in Kodi is already the main chapter - the subtitles are delayed (intro length).

The problem is in all episodes of the first season. Of course, I can move the subtitles for those one and a half minutes, but it's not a permanent solution. Can I somehow lock in Kodi so that he does not search for chapters in these files and display all contents of files?

The second season of this anime group dont have a problem - intro and outro are normally visible in chapters, so I can watch them / jump.
PS: No Debug Log no issue