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Full Version: Video not working on older tv
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I have an older tv that only has rca plugins and I don't want to buy a new one. I have hdmi to rca adapter and use a firestick. The firestick home screen comes up but as soon as I click kodi the screen goes black but you can hear the sound. I went to the setting in kodi on another tv to change enable hq scalers from 20% to 0% and also disabled "allow hardware acceleration- mediacodec [surface]. I plugged it back into the older tv and still no picture. I have also tried to put the resolution on 1280x720p, which is the lowest resolution, put refresh rate at 24 and put GUI resolution limit at 540 and still didn't work. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
sorry, you've tried the Video Output setting ?

System > Settings > System > Video Output > Resolution