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Full Version: Video and audio freeze when swiching audio stream in Kodi
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Hi, I have problem changing audio stream of Live TV in Kodi. When I change the audio stream it stops playback of Live TV. The only way to make it work is to stop stream and re-open it or press seek forward button to start playback again. I have tested it in Kodi 16, 17 and 18.
When tested the same channel in VLC - http, and htsp protocol - playback does not stop and audio stream changes without any issues. So I guess it has to be some issue with Kodi or the pvr add-on.

My backend is Tvheadend 4.3 master. I attached debug log below:

Debug log

Hope that someone could help.

EDIT: I have done more testing and it seems that the problem occurs only if "On-demand (no first rewind)" option in TVH timshift config is selected. When timeshift is disabled or when timshift is enabled with "On-demand (no first rewind)" option unchecked then audio stream changes with no issue.