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Full Version: Experience with FLIRC infrared dongle?
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Does anyone has Experience with FLIRC infrared dongle and KODI?
Do they work together. Or should I choose another infrared dongle?

Should the dongle work with a usb-cable? I nee do bring the dongle from the back of my tv (where the Pi will be) to the front.
Just as a side comment - you do know that the Pi has CEC (wiki) built in? So if your TV is capable you can run Kodi with your TV remote in many cases (at least under LibreElec and OSMC).
Flirc has a great reputation with kodi.

They are very sensitive and I have heard of a lot of people having them behind the tv, but that will depend on your own situation.
FLIRC works very well. I highly recommend it. I have the internal one and the USB one. They both work perfectly and I haven't had any issues.
I have used flirc for some years now on Windows Linux and Android, they just work.
I have a flirc on every Kodi device. I even ordered extra to have on hand for family. No complaints. I use them with my Harmony remotes.
same here: using flirc on desktop, laptop and nvidia shield with a logitech harmony.
Great when it works, but when I try to update firmware on my Win10 laptop it bricks it, and I have to run some 3rd party software on the gf's laptop to get them working again. Painful process.
Took a while to figure it out but once configured it just works and works well. I am using the new version btw.
I've currently got 4 (v2's) that fail to connect to the Flirc software. Tried on two PCs, tried reinstalling drivers, tried Zadig, still bricked for now. This happens whenever trying to update the flirc firmware as it prompts you to when you plug it in and there's an update and a list of "improvements" they've made.

Utter joke to be honest as they're now bricked until I can find a machine that'll "see" them and connect to the Flirc software to program them.
(2017-06-26, 18:51)lizard-king Wrote: [ -> ]same here: using flirc on desktop, laptop and nvidia shield with a logitech harmony.

On the nvidia shield tv,
Other than directional keys, can you use the number keypads or any other extra button on the harmony?