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Full Version: ListItem.VideoCodec some codecs missing
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Hi all,
hope this is the right place to ask my question:

After using Isengard for a while, I've installed 17.3 from scratch. Now I have a small problem with the videocodec info:
$INFO[ListItem.VideoCodec] used by Estuary as well as $VAR[videocodec] used by Confluence contains the same value "mpeg4" for DivX as well as for Xvid instead of "xvid", "dx50", "divx" or similar.
Other codecs like h264, mpeg2, wma are properly displayed.

Is there any chance to get the full set of info back?

If no, may I ask another question: Because I always get lost in the github universe very quickly, could somebody point me to the section, where the actual possible values of videocodec are listed?

Thanks a lot