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Full Version: Improve use of space
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When kodi moved from confluence to estuary, the waste of space was reduced by moving the horizontal menu to the vertical left. I really like this approach! However, for pvr we have a list of "recently played channels", which is nearly the only interesting information on that homescreen. By default, only 4 channels are visible, and vertical space is wasted by horizontal scrolling. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Current pvr view:

I would like to suggest a vertical scrolling pvr wall as option for estuary, as I draw on that screenshot:

So, my wishes - please:
  • add an option in estuary settings to hide the "Categories Panel" on top of pvr view
  • add an optional vertical scrolling wall option for pvr view

Why should this vertical scrolling wall be optional?
All other submenus movies, tv shows, ... have horizontal scrolling. This makes sense, because there are multiple panels, like "Recently added movies", "Unwatched Movies" ... There is no space lost. But switching this only for pvr would break the usability.

Another approach would be: leave the horizontal scrolling, but let the user configure the number of rows of a panel. For TV channels we could set it to 3, the space would be better utilized, but it is still consistent to current horizontal scrolling.

@Developers: Would it be possible to add this feature configurable within the skin settings?

@other pvr users: What do you think about this idea?
I like it
It's possible with my skin mod for Kodi 18.
(2017-06-27, 23:11)Guilouz Wrote: [ -> ]It's possible with my skin mod for Kodi 18.

Ohh, cool Smile I already noticed your mod, but didn't realize that this feature is included. Also the minimized menu looks awesome! But I currently can't use, because it is for v18 only - and I don't like to use a system which is under developement. Not for productive!

I hope you will actively maintain your skin for v18 when it is stable and won't switch to v19 as requirement. Then I will try it!