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Full Version: What is to prefer, "movie filename.nfo" or "movie.nfo"?
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What is to prefer, "movie filename.nfo" or "movie.nfo"?
Kodi itself uses "<movie filename>.nfo" when exporting.
The 3rd option is for dvd or blu-ray discs.
Thank you.

So what does that mean? When I use Kodi I should use "<movie filename>.nfo"? Or even both "movie.nfo" and "<movie filename>.nfo"?

For discs? So that option is not used for files on the drive?
The file "movie.info" is not used by Kodi. Thus, unnecessary to create.

Nfo files using "<movie filename>.nfo" are referring to standalone video rip files.
For DVD and Bluray copies files, you will see them as already indicated in your first post.

Basically, you only need to uncheck the "movie.nfo" option.
Alright, so I guess, with this option
tMM will create respectively re-create only the nfo files. And if this - "<movie filename>.nfo" - is checked
it will create "<movie filename>.nfo" names if only there is a "movie.info" file.

But both of those options can be activated at the same time. So this means tMM will create both of the files?