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Full Version: [RELEASE] elcinema.com (Arabic) scraper
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Hello Guys.
this is my first scraper its for elcinema.com and it will get all data available in this site in Arabic so you can now use it
watch gallery

This scrapper supports all of this:

- Title
- Plot
- Year
- Director
- Country
- Credits
- Genre
- Rating
- Votes
- Runtime
- Actor name


please test it and feedback hope it help
special thanks for Dr Tharwat (AMDB owner)
how can i install 
i dowloaded it but i don't know what to do
PLS help
Download the file from the link in the first post and remember where you downloaded it.

Now follow these instructions... https://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_ad..._zip_files

thanks for the Arabic scraper I really appreciate it. I tried to use it and installed it twice but it doesn't seem to be working for me at all.
I am running Kodi Krypton on LibreELEC 8.2.5 with Raspberry Pi.
I tried to scrap this old arabic movie here: https://www.elcinema.com/work/1011113
using its English name "7 Days in Heaven" but the scraper didn't seem to get any info. I tried using refresh option in Kodi to get the info manually but also nothing happened.
I am attaching the log that I recorded while doing the manual scraping. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kKVQzRgnwt/

hope that you can help me
just rename movie file with the Arabic name
7 أيام في الجنة (1968)

then rerun the scraper
Thanks for your reply. I tried your suggestion and it works.

However, I prefer to rename my files and folders with English names. makes it easier for me to find them.
Is there a way to make that scraper find the movies with their English names?

Thanks again
It doesn't seem to work or be available as a scraper for TV shows.

If it's only for movies, any other alternatives for Arabic TV shows?
حاولت التشغيل وهي تعمل بالفيلم 
ولكن في حاجه غريبة 
يتم البحث عن اسم الفيلم 
 ولكن لا يظهر في قائمة الافلام تظهر صفحة الافلام بيضاء 
اذا داخلنا ع معلومات الفيلم كل شيء يظهر ماعدا صور الممثلين و البوستر
@Saberelsayed50 Please note that this is an English-only forum. Use a translation service such as Google Translate when necessary.
(2021-05-02, 14:42)Klojum Wrote: [ -> ]@Saberelsayed50 Please note that this is an English-only forum. Use a translation service such as Google Translate when necessary.

The movie name does not appear
Only the film summary and the names of the actors and directors are shown
But no pictures or anything else