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Full Version: TMM hang while processing ISO movie files
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I upgrade my OS to Fedora 25 Workstation and install TMM

When start to update my movie folder the process never ends. In tmm.log shows that last file in process is a ISO movie file. I was trying to install a lot of libs to fix this issue without any success.

Does any one have a way to fix it?


UPDATE: Problem solved downgrading mediainfo to 0.7.89 version as suggest by mlaggner.
which version of libmediainfo does Fedora 25 ship?
we know of problems with ISO files and libmediainfo 0.7.94 (we stick to 0.7.93 for this reason)
Thanks mlaggner!!!

Fedora 25 came with 0.7.96 version. I've downgrade to 0.7.89 version (0.7.93 was not in repository) and everything works perfectly.