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Full Version: Rewind livetv and record from that position
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Hello guys,

I am using VDR 2.2.0 from etobis repo and latest vnsi from github.

Sometimes it happens that I see something interesting in livetv, that I want to record. I am using the timeshift functionality. So I rewind the livetv to the relevant position and press "record".

Now VDR is recording, but not from the rewinded position. It records from the live position. So the record doesn't contain what I want.

Is it somehow possible to record in this cases from the timeshift buffer instead of the live position?

If this is not possible at the moment, it would be a nice feature for a future version of vnsi.

Or is it a feature, which has to be implemented at the vdr backend?

Thanks and greetings Hoppel
timeshift is solely handled by vnsiserver because vdr itself does not support it. however recording is handled by vdr. there is no means to transfer parts of the timeshift buffer to a vdr recording. maybe this can be achieved somehow but does not seem to be trivial on first glance.
Hello FernetMenta,

thanks for answering.

Maybe it's possible to write this with a low priority on your todo list? For me it is a nice to have feature, but not a must.

Schönes Wochende!

Gruß Hoppel
Yes, I'll keep this in mind. Maybe I find a solution that is feasible.
Great, thank you!

If you need help in testing, do not hesitate to contact me.

Bye Hoppel