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Full Version: CODE:DXGI_FORMAT_R8_UNORM return false
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hello.all of the developers maybe i need you help~

when i try to make up the kodi'code,and bulid a kodi
i get a problem:

i try to play a test vdieo,the video set the width(7680)and the height(4320)to the kodi
format = RENDER_FMT_YUV420
dynamic = ture

AND I uesd the“bool YUVBUFFER::Create”call the parameter (The above)

Finally,when i run the planes[PLANE_Y].texture.Create(m_width, m_height, 1, usage,DXGI_FORMAT_R8_UNORM),return false
and my kodi show the windows massage juset like " The application will close"

when i ues the kodi which i compile and play my test video, the window system show the message that("The application will close")and kodi were forced to shut down[i find that version is 18]
but when i ues the kodi[that version is 14] play my tese video, it will be ok ,just can't use hardware decoding , and movie look like ppt[lol~], but it did't be forced to shut down
i do not know the difference between them ,

AND i also want to know :
What is the connection between width、height and DXGI_FORMAT_R8_UNORM in the "planes[PLANE_Y].texture.Create(m_width , m_height , DXGI_FORMAT_R8_UNORM)",
in another word , which types of the DXGI_FORMAT should i set can let me use the width (7680) and the height(4320)?

if anybody know the answer of the question ,i will be appreciate
i always be there