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Full Version: Add more scrapers for subtitles
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Am a donator and long time user of TMM - just love this app

Anyway, I live in Thailand and have a Thai partner

Unfortunately the list of languages for subtitles for OpenSubTitles.org does not include Thai language

1. Is it possible to have the option to add more scrapers?
2. Is it also then possible to ensure the subtitle file is saved with Unicode encoding, due to the Thai character set?

Thanks if this can make it into the dev roadmap

1) sure, but they have to be developed first.
This takes some time.
Our first goal is, to make OpenSubtitles fully functional.
(they have a very special language handling)

2) we only download them 1:1;
so when they've been uploaded correct, there should be no problem.
(TMM always uses utf8)
thank you for the reply and I understand