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Full Version: How could one show only the movies tagged thriller, horrer, cime?
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How could one show only the movies tagged thriller, horror, cime or with those genres?

And / or movies made in 2010 to 2017?
You could select on the 'horror' genre, but you cannot select on multiple selected genres from the GUI.
But perhaps via smart playlists you can do more selections.
Do you mean in Kodi?
Smart playlists
Quote: Smart playlists
Sorry, what does that mean? May be it would be more understandable if you could create a complete sentence or if not possible to just add some keywords or such.
Sorry you can't go to the wiki and search? Smart playlists enable you to create a playlist based on database fields. So your playlist might be ”genre=thriller OR genre=horror OR genre=crime”. See http://kodi.wiki/view/Smart_playlists
Sorry again, yes, yes, I can, I can. Thank you for the link. That looks like Kodi, so Smart Playlists used by Kodi are meant, I use them very often. But they do not work with tMM, I would suppose. Or am I missing anything?
You are in the Tiny Media Manager sub-forum.

So is your question related to Kodi or to Tiny Media Manager?
Tiny Media Manager would be great
Sorry I missed that it was in the TMM subforum. Carry on.
No, no, no reason for sorry. Thank you anyway
should both be able in v3
Very great!