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Full Version: Working Live Uk TV app
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I live in North East England and have a TV licence. I don't have a tv aerial in the bedroom so have been using a Firestick to watch tv. I originally just used BBC Iplayer/ITV Hub etc but started using Kodi for the FilmOn or Freeview add-on as it was much easier and quicker to flick between channels and the All4 app does not allow you to stream live tv (I like E4). Recently, I cannot get any to work.

I have read about Filmon now requiring a subscription and understand that some other add-ons (Castaway, CCloud) "pull" from FilmOn so get kicked out after a few minutes. I've looked into subscribing to FilmOn but from what I could find on the subject, there is no guarantee that it will work on the Firestick after paying.

The Freeview add-on will not play at all. It just keeps saying check error log (I've figured the add zip file/repository side of Kodi but otherwise I am a dunce sorry). From what little I could find, the reason is to stop people accessing UK TV from abroad and tells you a VPN would fix it. I don't have a VPN but I do live in the UK.

I have found that the android TV Player app streams ok but it doesn't have E4.

Any ideas? Or is it time just to bite the bullet and have an aerial installed upstairs?

I apologise in advance if I'm posting in the wrong place or this has been answered previously

Many thanks
I just watched an episode of you earlier today... Buffy's mum just died.

Anyway, I will move you to the correct forum. There is a bit of discussion similar to what you state. Hopefully someone there can help.

When you find this thread again, just back out one level, and you should be in the FilmOn sub-forum. Have a read of some of the threads there.
Your "other add-ons" are banned addons (wiki) which violate our forum rules (wiki) on piracy, so be extremely careful in what you install and test.

We offer no support for devices with such junk installed. Going direct to FilmOn and paying their subscription to access the media via the PVR (wiki) add-on is fine though.
If you want to invest in some hardware, you could probably set up a tuner somewhere else in the house where there is an aerial point - either a SAT>IP box (which should talk directly to Kodi with some jiggering about) or something like a Pi with a USB tuner (which would then give you a full PVR backend with recording functionality as well as being able to relay channels and those recordings throughout the house).
have you tried this add-on

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Thanks everyone for your replies and to Karellen for moving me into the correct forum. Haha I do love Buffy!

DarrenHill - I deleted the two add-ons once I saw they didn't work but I didn't realise they were banned sorry - I just read that they had live tv on.

EngineerPeter - I think that's the Freeview add-on I've been using. It was great up until recently where it won't play at all and says check error log. I've tried reinstalling it but no joy.

Prof Yaffle - that sounds interesting- I'll read up about it.