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Full Version: "Cannot download actor image"
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TMM appears to have stopped downloading actor images.
The .actors folder is created when scraping and everything except actor thumbnails is scraped successfully.
Error log shows "Cannot download actor image..." for every single actor.

The issue persists across program restarts, clearing the database etc

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Do you mean for Movies or TV Shows?

Not that we don't believe you, but how about actually showing us the debug log file, so we can see the whole picture?
Puzzles are better solved with having all the pieces, not just one or two.
Your log has been removed as we do not allow logs to be pasted into the forum.

Paste at a pastebin type site and link back here.
It might not have been updated to the change in API.

same problem ... no actors directory created ...
no images downloaded
What is the answer to the question in Post #2
(2017-07-21, 07:47)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]What is the answer to the question in Post #2

ok, a nightly user, great Smile
Unfortunately, the log shows nothing useful, just 3 times a startup of TMM.

If everything is activated, the actors should download upon scrape.
(since here we get the urls to download from)
Send me a log after scraping a movie.... then we'll see...