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Full Version: MXQ box Kodi icon is missing
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Hi guys,

Just purchased a cheap mxq box off eBay.
I can't seem to find an icon for kodi. But when I go into
The play store it says its installed and I can run it from there.
It's not under the apps folder on the box though.
Any thoughts?
I think we should really ask financial compensation for having to do 'free' support on those various cheap android boxes.

Ask the cheap seller who sold you the cheap box?

We make Kodi, not boxes...
how did you get that issue fixed i bought a box and have the same problem i go to the google play store its says open or uninstall but i cant find it any where on my mxq pro box ?
Hello lambogallardo,

Don't expect an answer from @Unever. I believe that last post of his was sarcasm.

I can't help you specifically with your problem, but there might be answers in one of the following threads...

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Hope that helps
Hi @Unever - I'm having the same problem on my mxq pro 4K box - how did you fix the issue?
I'd try uninstalling it and re-installing. Chances are the box-seller didn't do a proper job first time around.
It's not missing but named TV Center, so you should go to the google store and type "kodi" and then click uninstall, Google will then notify you that the program came pre-installed on the machine, just confirm the uninstalling process, then search for "kodi" again (you will be offered krypton 17.6 version), download and install and that's it.
that doesn't work, after reinstalling kodi, icon is still missing
This is not an issue. This has been done by chinese Android box manufacturers. Install a launcher to bypass this.

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To fix the missing Kodi icon in the MX10 box just open the calculator and type in the pi symbol followed immediately by the numbers 318 the Kodi icon will appear in my apps if you have Kodi installed it is a large K symbol. If you RE-enter the above it will be removed. This is something some Chinese sellers are now doing, because of the whole Kodi May become illegal bla bla.
I'm new to kodi and I bought a cheap box (MXQ pro 4k) to see if it (kodi) really worth all the talk I keep hearing about. I'm having the same issues some of the other post were having. I installed kodi from the google play store, and can't find the icon to use kodi. I loaded 2 other programs and the icon for them showed up, but nothing for kodi. Did I do something wrong? Im trying to cut the cord but now I'm asking myself is it really worth cutting. Any advice or help will be appreciated
Thanks gary you made me jion up to say Thankyou ur fix worked fro me on my mx10 .
Solution 1.
Open your calculator app and type in π318

Solution 2... even easier.
On the main screen, on your remote or keyboard, punch in 2027

Please don't flame me for adding a reply to this so late in the game, it's because this thread comes up first when googling for an answer. And the second option will greatly benefit those like me who where pulling their hair out because their device didn't even come with a calculator app.