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Full Version: Recordings from 4.3 TVH Server don't show up in Kodi 17.3
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Hey all,

I've recently updated to the testing builds of TVH 4.3 by CvH and got it running on my Pi 3 under LibreELEC w/ DVB-C +T2. Build is running stable, EPG/streams are good. One thing is bugging me though.

Recordings that are ongoing/finished under this version are not shown in my 17.3 clients (Kodi/LE8 on Pi3, Kodi/SPMC on ShieldTV, Kodi on Win10) anymore. Neither in EPG nor in Recordings view. Any changes necessary in the pvr.hts client? Does somebody have a working client beta for these platforms. Weirdly, TVHClient on Android has no problems listing these recordings.

Hmh, you might have accidentally activated some filter, which prevents the recordings from showing up. Would check that...
You need to downgrade Tvheadend to 4.2 stable.
Any news? I have same problem