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Full Version: Cannot see recordings in Kodi
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First of all, thanks to all the developers and users for this software and the support.
I was a user of TVheadend for about a year and then went back to a windows server with serverwmc, and now I am back on ubuntu.
I am using the unstable version from the repos (4.3) and using Kodi 16 for Android as my frontend.
I setup 3 series recordings through the tvheadend web interface, and all recorded with no issues.
But I cannot see them in the recordings in Kodi. I am using the same user for Kodi that I did to set up the recordings in the gui.
If I set the recording in Kodi, i can see it.
I use the TVHClient for ios and have no issues seeing recordings set by any manner in that client.
Is this expected behavior? I can set my recordings in Kodi I suppose and just modify the autorecord settings in the gui after if that is the case.
However, I seem to remember not having this issue when I used TVHeadend previously.

I am recording to an NTFS formatted hard drive in my server pc mounted to folder in /media/ if that matters at all.

I had the answer given in the TVheadend forums. i need to use the stable release of TVH for it to work properly, my mistake.