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Full Version: Intalling Back Row on Isengard
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I've been using Back-Row for years now, from the very first day I was introduced to XBMC, and I love it - never used any other skin.

Since I'm using old hardware, I've kept Kodi 15.x Isengard without updating it.
Due to some Addon memory issues I had to reset it last night. The very first thing I did was try to reinstall Back Row.
However I ran into some difficulties:
1) Backrow is not in the repository
2) I've found the backrow installation zips, but I get an error message of "dependencies not met.
Anyone knows how to resolve that? or even know what dependencies I'm missing?
Help, Kodi is not the same without Back-Row!
the dependence is likely the tv show music one. You can manually edit the dependencies out of the installer.