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Full Version: How do I add local artwork through scanning?
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I have used Kodi as music player for many years, but only with basic manual tagging (mp3tag) and embedded cover art. I’m not a huge fan of web based scrapers and I prefer to have all my files and info stored locally, so now when I wish to add fanart and artist thumbs I have done it manually. I have named and placed them as recommended:


I thought when scanning/updating my library these would show up, but nothing is added (except cover art as before). I have all set to Local information only, I have removed and re-added the source, done the Clean library, so I’m obviously missing something. Is it a setting, or do I need an addon, or is this not possible to do without creating NFO’s? I know I can browse and add artist thumb and fanart for each artist manually, but I was hoping a scan could do this.

I tried a few addons for cdart and slideshows but none of them helped for what I wish to do. Perhaps I should add that I'm on Krypton 17.3 with Estuary skin.

Thankful for any advice!
Hello Andrew-M

Please have a read through the following wiki page. It may help you spot where it is going wrong.

Do read the wiki. Smile

The key thing is that all the music by "artistname", is in folders below C:\Music\Artistname\ as location of music files is how Kodi determines where to look for artist art. And name the image folder.jpg, not "artist.jpg".
Thanks for the quick replies Smile To be honest I haven’t cared much for the wiki lately because in many cases when I’ve looked for answers it has been outdated. Most of the time I find better solutions here in the forum. This time I actually thought I had read the wiki, but I think Mr G**gle must have sent me to the wrong place Blush so thanks for pointing me in the right direction to an updated page!

The problem is solved now. Changing from artist.jpg (which I read in a forum thread to use, oops) to folder.jpg did the trick for my artist thumbs. It confused me because “folder” to me means “cd cover” and I already had my covers saved as “folder” too, but I now realize that these are two different items as long as cd cover is in a separate sub folder together with the music files. The fanart problem seemed to be cache related, after a total cleanup in Windows it all works fine now. Luckily I’m on a small test library and will now move on with the real stuff. Letter A is done, just B to Z left... For once its great with a rainy vacation Tongue

Thanks again for your help!
Actually I think you can add or create in advancedsettings a <musicthumbs> setting that could add "artist.jpg" as an option, but I haven't tested this.

scott s.
(2017-07-24, 22:23)scott967 Wrote: [ -> ]Actually I think you can add or create in advancedsettings a <musicthumbs> setting that could add "artist.jpg" as an option, but I haven't tested this.

scott s.

indeed you can, here is that section from my advancedsettings.xml:


i have completely re-done all my album artwork in hi-res covers, all locally scraped, with no interference from WMP and those annoying hidden "AlbumArt" "Folder" and "AlbumArtxxxxxx" files.
if there is any interest i can post a tutorial.
Thanks for reminding me of this facility @scott and @PhilYHC.

It gets applied when art is fetched during the initial scan into library (of course providing all the music by an album artist is under one unique folder). However it does not get applied when "Get Thumb" button on the artist or album info dialog is pressed, that only looks for "folder.jpg" locally to list along with any other possible remote thumbs returned by scraping online.

Under reworking export for v18 I am also looking at having Kodi look in a (separate) specific location for artist nfo and art. This will remove the limitation of art and nfo to just album artists with all their music in one unique folder. I will keep the ability to use alternative file names in mind, and get it working on the artist/album info dialogs too.

[Edited to clarify question asked below Smile ]

Does that also hold true for the "Get Thumb" button for Album Artwork?
Thanks @DaveBlake,

Have included that in the wiki... http://kodi.wiki/view/Music_artwork#Adva...l_Settings