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Full Version: Thumbnails size (too small)
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Hello, using Estouchy on my android tablet since the release. All ok but the thumbs of my videos are pretty small (see the screenshot).
Reinstalling didn't help.

Any advice pls?

They seem to be a little bit smaller than the thumbs in Estuary... http://kodi.wiki/view/TV-Show_artwork#So...er_Artwork

What size are your thumbs?
They are (on the screenshot) actually folder thumbs .. I do them as folder.jpg inside each folder and they are all full HD at least.
But the same problem is when I enter the folder, so all the video files thumbs are small too.

I agree, since Estuary, thumbs are too small. How to increase their sizes ?

Confirmed for Kodi 18 RC2 on Android 8.0.

Kodi Icons as well as video thumbnails are approx half the size of what they should be.
File names may be too long, but are also not scrolling.