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Full Version: Extrafanart and thumbs
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Hi there,

long time TMM user, just registered to ask this question.

Today I activated the options to scrape extrafanart and extrathumbs for movies in TMM IMHO there's something wrong:

1. All extrathumbs are a copy of extrafanart. E.g.:

thumb1.jpg is a copy of fanart1.jpg
thumb2.jpg is a copy of fanart2.jpg
... you get the idea.

2. The first extrafanart is a copy of fanart always. E.g.:

fanart1.jpg is a copy of fanart.jpg
fanart2.jpg is unique
fanart3.jpg is unique
... you get the idea. The same applies to thumbs and extrathumbs.

Here I'm not quit sure. But from the Kodi music system I learned that "extra is extra"...

Thanks for looking into it
Can you provide a couple of Movie/TV Shows as examples, with links back to the scraper site - TVDB or TMDB or other.
Sure. For example "Everest 2015" with IMDB: tt2719848

All movies are in their own directory, named as the video file (99,99999 ISO).

What I did:
- Activate Extrathumbs and Extrafanart in TMMs settings
- RMB on "Everest 2015" --> Fetch Metadata for selected items
- On appearing dialog select IMDB as Metadata Scraper, deselect all checkboxes, select Artwork as single checkbox

You will end up with two additional directories (extrafanart, extrathumbs). The content of both is identical.

Other examples:

Bone Tomahawk 2015, tt2494362
Black Mass 2015, tt1355683