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Full Version: REGEX for \[year] film name\ folders
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My films are stored as

\films\[2009] Moon\moon.2009.bluray.mkv

These used to scrape fine. But some stage when the upgrade to Krypton happened I found my films now won't scrape and I need to manually select each one. I realise this is because the Year is on the front of the folder names instead of at the end.

Is there any way to get KODI to scrap my folder layout? I have been trying to get my head around REGEX but can't work out what I'd need to add to the advancedsettings.xml
The folder name shouldn't matter. Make sure you have disabled the option "Movies are in seperate folders that match the movie title" in the source content settings.
Personally I'd create a single subfolder for each movie year.... On the other hand, the Kodi database will store all meta data of movies anyway. So there is no need to overdo things.
Thanks Klojum - that did it. I've turned off "Movies in separate folders that match the movie title" option which seems to have solved my problem for now.

Already being 450 films deep into KODI I was trying to avoid rebuilding it all. Smile

I am probably going to end up migrating to some kind of decade or year based foldering system, but will confuse the OCD as I'll have to write a script to shuffle the database around. I'd want to keep not only the Watched status, but also the date the film was initially added to KODI. Typically awkward user Big Grin