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Full Version: Testing on Windows
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at first i love the work which is done here and i tried out a lot of releases of Retroplayer on a RPi and it works fine. One thing i didn't get work is a wireless controller from Logitech but what ever.

Now i tried out a HTPC which works with windows and i install the newest version of Retroplayer. After getting access through the gaming section i realised that i do not have any emulators and controller configuration which i have on RPi.
I'am searching through this forum an find out that it have anything to do with binary Addons which i did not understand in reason of my gap of knowledge from linux and coding. I find out that i have to port the libreto cores.
But here i can't follow the introduction. I could download the master-zip files but i could not import them to Kodi how i have to do this right?
Otherwise i am searching through the installation path and find all the emulators lying in the addon path so i am al little bit confused it is necessary to port the cores or not.

With other words i did not know how to get start with an emulator on a windows maschine Sad

Maybe one of you could help me out an fill my gab of knowledge. Thank you!
Thanks for your fast response.
I read your instrustion but it does not bring me forward. I added a few roms for testing but i could not start them or they are not shown in the path i added.
If i try a emulator without kodi it works..
Are your ROMS in separate folders? (Atari, NES, Sega, Mame, etc)
Are these separate folders under a single folder? (\Roms\Atari, etc)

If the answer to the above is No, then it wont work. So fix that first.

If the answer to the above is Yes, then add your ROMS folder to Kodi, just like you added your Movies folder or TV folder.
My Roms a sperated in single folders but named e.g. \Roms\Super Nintendo or something like that maybe this is the fault.
After that i added the directory via files under movie.

On a second way i tried out IARL but it won't work in reason of a missing emulator. But today i will try this again with the documentation of ZachMorris.
On this general subject, could you suggest a simple configuration (on windows) that I could use just for the purposes of exercising the UI for skin development? I prefer to develop/test skin on master so I have been downloading the garbear builds just to copy over the addons into master. IIUC the current garbear build is 100% merged into master (except maybe some experimental stuff). Again, I just want something representative that uses all the UI so I can skin it.

scott s.
@scott967 Your method of copying the game add-ons is currently the best method available. The next option (while far from simple) is to compile from source, which is what I do for development.

In the future we'll hopefully be able to ship add-ons via our web repo, but due to the multitude of cpu architectures we support this is nontrivial.
Hi @ all,
today i tried out a lot of thing but i didn't solve the problem.
In my opinion there is no emulator installed and i must said that i didn't catch all the steps from garbears documentation für porting the cores.
A renaming of the folders like powerhouse explainaitions does not give any success.

Maybe my skills are to low to understand every step right. I should try to use the RPi Version there it is easier ;D