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Full Version: Kodi and Plex setup
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I have a dedicated Plex PC that I want to install Kodi along side. My goal is to receive OTA channels and use Playstation Vue streaming services but have the option to record OTA channels and can be streamed to 3 different TVs.
I have been researching HD Homerun and reading about the Extend and Connect models and do understand the differences. What I am not understanding is if the Connect can stream the audio and video to Kodi/Plex to stream, would the server do the transcoding? That is my question here as I am thinking of purchasing 2 HD Homerun connects and figure I do not need the EXTEND model (?)
The HTPC has the following specs
Cooler Master Elite 130
BIOStar B85 3D motherboard
Intel I3 Haswell refresh
4GB ram
Noctua low profile CPU fan
replaced all the internal fans with Noctua fans so this model is very quiet.
Media is currently stored on a Netgear ReadyNAS 4bay with a 3TB volume dedicated to videos
The HTPC and NAS are on same switch connected via GB and all TV's have a network drop so there is gigabit throughout the house.

Reading the specs on Kodi, it does not appear I need to upgrade the hardware if I want Plex and Kodi to run side by side.
This current build can support 3 remote streams transcoding and 2 internal streams playing direct.
I want the capability to have 3 TV's that can record shows and watch shows at the same time.
If your server is transcoding, you don't need the Extend. You might not even need transcoding, that depends on how you're consuming the data. You'll get a MPEG TS stream from either.

The only advantage of the Extend, is being able to watch TV on a slow wireless link, directly from the tuner to a device (phone, tablet, etc) -- in lower quality of course. That's not a lot of utility for the significant extra cost.
So, that means KodI can handle the signal coming in from the HD Homerun connect and the server can transcode the video?
Kodi can indeed handle the signal from the Connect, just as easily as the Extend.

Note that the official HDHomerun PVR shows duplicate channels if you have multiple HDR tuner boxes. I've got one that works pretty well so far, and doesn't suffer from this problem. It also shows more guide data. I just need to figure out how to package it as a Zip.