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Full Version: My HTPC setup at home!
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Thanks to my new projector which is now 3D I’ve been overspending on 3D blu rays, which I have ripped 1:1

Also been buying quite a few blu rays too, and OMG!!!!!! 1:1 rips on Kodi are awesome!

Slight issue I was running out of disk space so my backup drives have been made internal so now awaiting for two backup drives (10TB each) so that will give me over 40TB raw storage
I have an iPhone that has never been connected to a computer since my Mac died, and the fact I use Linux Mint as my daily driver for home and work - what does this have to do with Kodi I hear you say...

Well the company server runs Windows Server 2019 with Hyper-V and after many failed tries getting Itunes to work in WINE (it didn't and I'm getting there!!!) I installed it there. My server doesn't recognise fully my iPhone but.....

iTunes recognises my Kodi instances!!!!!! (told ya I'd get there!)

I have multi-room music!! All I have to do is spin up iTunes, pick my music and all my Kodi instances play the music! No need for Sonos, Amazon Echos, just three Raspberry Pi's with Kodi connected to run of the mill speakers!!

Still no iPhone recognition  - but I don't really care  - this I love!!!!

I have had an extensive mp3 collection since mp3 came about - I ripped my entire CD collection since 1999! (I'm THAT old) and one of the things that have always spurred my entertainment hub on has always been getting my music played in every room - and until last night - it was only in one room at a time - now I can play my music from iTunes to all my Kodi instances! (it hasn't cost me in software OR a subscription of any kind!)

I have always stayed away from streaming music services because of my library, and this is yet another reason why I do stay away from them!

Yup I'm happy - and this is why I love Kodi, it never fails to surprise me with what it can do - even after four years of being on this forum. Thank you to whoever got airplay to work!!!!
(2017-07-26, 05:21)tjay260476 Wrote: [ -> ]
watch gallery

This is my setup, the backend is running Windows 10 Pro, with NextPVR for the TV, I have a HD Homerun Connect for Freeview UK TV. I have two Kodi Clients, that are raspberry Pi's running Openelec, and two MX3 remotes, one for each box.

I shuffled around the Estuary theme menu and renamed them to suit my needs, as well as making the EPG font a little bigger.

I think the server looks too big....LOL
Nice setup
Many thanks @AchillesPunks  - bit of extra news, got me iPhone recognising my server AND iTunes - it was a windows driver issue - WHO'D have thought that LOL.

Multiroom Kodi with iTunes works flawlessly though!
(2021-08-19, 21:51)tjay260476 Wrote: [ -> ]Many thanks @AchillesPunks  - bit of extra news, got me iPhone recognising my server AND iTunes - it was a windows driver issue - WHO'D have thought that LOL.

Multiroom Kodi with iTunes works flawlessly though!
I like that PS1 you have on the table. I have played countless hours on star wars on PS1.
Your surround must sound amazing.
(2019-04-15, 11:24)speedwell68 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2018-05-23, 18:14)tjay260476 Wrote: [ -> ]I know it's not entirely Kodi related, but is is how I manage the Server and it's VMs, as the Server is headless, I'd thought I show a couple more photos!

watch gallery

The left is a Mac Mini (2014) and on the right is a thin client, where I can RDP to the server which is behind me. The thin client runs Wtware, which of course the hardware is a Raspberry Pi 3 in a standard Flirc case!

The fabric around the Projector screen is not permanent, it actually looks better with the lights out, and am thinking of getting black wallpaper. The screen was a cheap one from Amazon (£15) again, didn't want anything permanent just yet.

The PJ was a cheap Chinese model off Amazon, I took care in getting the right native resolution (1280x800) and Lumens. It has paid off and does look good. It is really only a bedroom setup, so didn't want to spend too much if it went horribly wrong. 

I will be upgrading the PJ and screen in the near future, but for now it does it's job. At the end of the day it's my bedroom TV, which was only £20 more expensive than a 22" smart TV! (no brainer really) 

The 5.1 system is a Trust PC speaker system connected to a C-media USB sound card (tried a Soundblaster card but wouldn't play ball!) The shelves I got from Amazon which are meant to hold books, but these do the job.

Oh, lastly the large speakers are my Mac's speakers, which of course are powered by the amp that sits in the cabinet.

You have the same Rubik's Cube desk lamp as me.
Very nice
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