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Full Version: Kodi on Network
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Hi all,

I have my Odroid with KODI connected to my wired network and i have an external drive connected to it also for my movies and I used to be able to see Kodi on my network and could add new movies by simply dragging them into Kodi which would load them onto my external drive.
I have changed my router and now I cant get to Kodi. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted. It was simple when I set it up and now something has changed.

A new router... Perhaps you now have new/different IP addresses assigned to your devices?
Kodi stores full paths (incl network protocols) in its database. So any change there, and the whole train stops.
Thank you, that makes sense. What would I do to rectify the issue?

I created fixed IPs as per all MAC addresses in my router, so all devices themselves can remain on the default (auto-)DHCP.
if you still know which device had which IP address, that would help.