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Full Version: video stutters always when videos are queued
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I'm having the weirdest problem. Video playback works fine most of the time.

However, when I queue video's, any video that starts playing after the first item is garanteed to be very choppy and the User interface also flashes very badly during playback(visible during scrolling or moving to another point in the video). Other random video's also do this sometimes from the start.

Stopping the queue and starting the same file manually again usually solves it. Very annoying.

I've tried disabling all hardware support decoding, this solved the issue for other people(in the expert-mode video settings). But for me, it doesn't change anything. There is no rule with the codec used: it sometimes randomly works/doesn't work with HEVC, X264, XVID...

Running on Arch-Linux on intel NUC i3, package is the standard AUR kodi package. CPU is about 10% utilisation during the issue. Files are stored in a locally attached disk. The only plugin is the universal movie scraper.

See kodi.log for reference

*Update below, see full pastebin and old*

old pastebin with limited content: https://pastebin.com/hjH6b54A

new pastebin with full content, unedited: https://pastebin.com/8EVv4Dpf

This pastebin has the issue for example in the last item played
Sorry, but that is not the full kodi.log file.

Please provide the unedited/unabbreviated version so we can try to determine where the actual problem starts.
Ok, I have an updated kodi.log file here:


The last item to play has the issue, the others are started manually