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Full Version: Tv show file names changed
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My file names in tv shows are coming up with just the episode name, which is completely different from the file name on my NAS
e.g file name on NAS s01e001 and kodi's name is pilot
On the little information you have provided, that sounds right.

You name the files as f:\TV Shows\Continuum\Continuum S01E01

In the Kodi library you will see Pilot in the episode list. But you should also see the episode number, and the lists are sorted into seasons.
All I see in the library is just the episode name e.g PILOT, it doesn't show season number or episode number
This has only just started happening recently.
Ok, can you provide a screenshot. Upload to here... https://imgbb.com/ then post the link back here. No account required.

Also tell us:
Kodi version
Operating system

For the screenshot you provide us, tell us how the files are actually named. Another screenshot is ok.
Kodi 15.1
Operating system : android 5.0.3 API level 21 (kernel:Linux 3.10.33)
Did you change the view on your TV show listings?
Move the cursor to the left and select a different view: List, wide, thumbnails, etcetera.
I'm on 16.1 so I'm not sure if this applies to 15.2, but...

Check in Settings -> Videos -> File Lists
See if "Replace file names with library titles" is enabled. If so, disable.
Updated to 17.3 still showing incorrect titles.
Disabled "replace file names with library titles" still no change.
View hasn't been changed.
Now on the 17.3 it has 1905 after title.
In this image you posted... https://ibb.co/ksgCZk What is your source in Kodi. If not sure go to Videos>Files and look there.

Did you check @runningnaked suggestion?

Provide a debug log. The instructions are in my signature. Use the Basic method. Once you have enabled debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging, restart Kodi then replicate the problem. In your case, perform an update library. Once done upload to pastebin and link back here.
(2017-07-30, 05:28)Magicman3991 Wrote: [ -> ]https://ibb.co/gPC875

In this photo you are not in library mode, you are in files mode.
What is library mode?
https://ibb.co/ksgCZk this shows what my files are named on the computer, which is the source on kodi.
I have already tried @runningnaked's suggestion.
This is only recent it has only happened from about a month ago.