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Full Version: Best NFL live game addon?
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Brand new Kodi user here. Which is the best NFL game streamer? Thank you!
Presuming you have a paid subscription then look at NFL game pass on the official repo.

If you're looking to get them pirated for free then go elsewhere.
Official NFL Gamepass addon is great, I usually get better quality than from the official Android app.
I've been toying around with Twitter live stream authentication inorder to prepare for the NFL season. They cover TNF and more in HD.

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I found this [removed] here you will find both procedures.
you have two options available: use the official add-ons that require a subscription, or third-party extensions without a subscription and
I hope it would be helpful.
@graceinc don't post links to sites that violate the Forum rules (wiki) and promote the use of piracy add-ons please. I've removed your link.
@graceinc - as this is not the first time you've been told that, please consider this a final warning and be more careful with any such links in the future.