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Full Version: Android 7 on Kodi 17.3
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Why is Android 7 with Kodi Krypton 17.3 / HMD 2.0.4 latest firmware, not working on LAN sharing
I have two Boxes one with Lolipop 5.1.1. with 16.1 Jarvis On the Himedia Q10 Pro (no Problems with streaming from my PC (Windows 8.1) (LAN sharing works perfect !!!!!!)
the second box is the Himedia Q10 Pro with Android 7 / and Kodi Krypton 17,3 / with firmware: HMD 2.0.4

I stream for years, on A Dune Duo, never problems, settings are the same for sharing, nothing has changed.

Firewalls down, in Windows and router, settings OK, / Auto search (No Server found) Manual: (New Server error) IP= Correct/ Computer name= Correct / file share name is correct (no passwords used)
Wrapper 0628 switcht from Kodi Player to Wrapper player, nothing !!

File Explorerer = working and seeing the shared folders, in de Lan area, so not a Hardware problem, several fora read, nobody is giving a good solution, the simpelminds, with stupid answers.

I think the Mediaplayer is the problem communicating, script bug, i used another Center and did work, but i want to use the original Mediaplayer in Android with Kodi

Is there sombody that kan give me a usefull answer, and no standard smalltalk. (is your PC on, did you check the lan cable) holly molly)

Greetings Huh
Quote:and no standard smalltalk
Our standard smalltalk usually starts with: "Where is the kodi.log file of the problem device?", as we have no crystal ball in our midst, and our colleague who has psychic abilities had a nervous breakdown and is on a much needed holiday at the moment.

Also, there are some upcoming changes that Windows may already have implemented on your machine:

a) If you have any pre/release version of the fall/autumn creators update installed this removes SMB1 server support for your Win10 shares and Kodi currently only speaks SMB1. A nightly release (Kodi 17.4) with SMB2/3 support in Kodi will become available.

b) If the server now speaks SMB2+ (no SMB1) even with the current Kodi version there will be no network browsing as this requires the network master browser to speak SMB1 protocol. You will have to add sources manually using the full server/share path.

c) MS is actively discouraging guest/anon access in their security patches and setting a user/pass is becoming mandatory. If you set user/pass it needs to be a local machine user account and not an MS hotmail/outlook ID account (e.g. desktop login ID) as the authentication schemes are completely different and the latter is known to cause some challenges.
(2017-07-30, 19:18)Klojum Wrote: [ -> ]A nightly release (Kodi 17.4) with SMB2/3 support in Kodi will become available.

Heh? Wink
(2017-07-30, 19:18)Klojum Wrote: [ -> ][...] A nightly release (Kodi 17.4) with SMB2/3 support in Kodi will become available. [...]

That won't happen, v18 will have SMB2 and SMB3 support.