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Full Version: Trouble with Double NAT Nvidia Shield 2017
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I am having trouble connecting my Shield 2017 with KODI installed to my NAS (QNAP TS-209 PRO).

The problem is a classic one - two routers one home setup! My ISP router can't go into bridge mode without messing up everything. I have a hard wired connection throughout my apartment that links to my ISP router LAN ports. The shield is connected on this network.

My router (Netgear Nighthawk) has DHCP enabled - it handles all of my devices and my NAS is connected to it. Now any of my devices connected to my router can access the NAS, however the Shield cannot. I do not want to turn off DHCP or go into bridge/ap mode as this is an expensive router and can work better than my ISPs.

I can forward ports, trigger ports, setup DMZ on my ISP router. The DHCP range of the ISP router is totally different from Nighthawk. I could not manage to split the DHCP range on my ISP router.

My nighthawk can do the same and much more.

Is there anything I can do (besides moving my NAS to my ISP router)? I can access my ISP router while being connected to the Nighthawk. However while I'm connected to my ISP LAN, I cannot access my Nighthawk.

How can I setup KODI to access the NAS?
Why don't you just connect your nighthawk's wan port to the ISP's router as it was a cable-modem.
Then all the internal traffic is handled by the nighthawk and the ISP's router is just for the nighthawk to connect to the internet :-)
This way the ISP router's DHCP is just for the nighthawk, and the nighthawk's DHCP is for the internal devices
My ISP doesnt provide a cable modem - its a Fiber Connection, and a Router Type box where the fiber gets directly plugged into. The unit has 4 Ethernet ports, phone ports, etc.1 LAN is connected to my nighthawk, 1 is connected to my Shield.

Would some sort of port forwarding/triggering work?
No. Other than using the router in bridging mode.
What about getting a smart 5 port switch, which I could plug in my Nighthawk/Sheild and then have that plugged into one port on the ISP router? Could the Switch configure things in a way in which the Nighthawk could manage the Sheild instead of the ISP router?
No. That's just waste of money and resources. A simple bridging router is all you need.
Well I have an old DLINK router sitting around, I could use that instead of a switch! Maybe this is too complicated -- I'll report back if it works.

But basically on my DLINK I'd place it in the same DHCP range as my Nighthawk but only handle from 100 - 254 . Then on my nighthawk I would have it handle 2 - 99. This way the Sheild and NAS would be on the same range and be visible to each other.
Introducing a third router did not fix the problem. I ended up just physically moving my router next to the ISP router and then connected all the hardwired wall connections directly to the Nighthawk. I remembered that my ISP had given me an N router, which I flashed to an open firmware and made it an AP.

Not a perfect solution but with the AP extending my wifi, it makes it much less painful. Now my shield can see QNAP without any problems... Horray!
Just a little lost with how you are describing the issue. First you said your house is Hard Wired to the Lan Ports on your ISP's router. And you have hooked up your ISP's Router to your Netgear Router. But you have your Shield TV connected directly to the ISP's router (because it is in a different room that has a Hard Wire back to your ISP router)?

Just unplug the wire from your ISP's router, connected to the Shield TV, and plug that wire into the Netgear Router. Problem solved? Or are the routers not in the same room/area?