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Full Version: Pandora: how to fix
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As I love Pandora, the original version, I thought I'd post how to get it, and also fix it, so it will work for you.

First, the link to getting Rivy's Pandora version...


After downloading, unzip it to a convenient place (like Desktop). Next, rename the folder from 'xbmc-script.audio.pandora-master' to 'script.audio.pandora'. Now, open the script.audio.pandora folder, then open the resources folder, and the lib folder. There you'll see a file named pandaplayer.py. Open that file with your text editor (Windows users might have a problem here...I used gedit), then go down to line 33. That section will look something like this...

def play( self, url, item ):
# override play() to force use of PLAYER_CORE_MPLAYER
xbmc.Player( xbmc.PLAYER_CORE_MPLAYER ).play( url, item )

Change the last line of that section to look like this...

xbmc.Player().play( url, item )

Save your changes. Close the file. Then back out of the lib folder, and the resources folder. In the main section of the script.audio.pandora folder you'll see a file called default.py. Let me explain first why we're going to change a line in this file. Here, for the past long while, Pandora would be playing just fine then all of a sudden it would just stop playing. It would not load the next song. I studied it for a while, adjusted this or that line, yet nothing would work to fix the problem. It would continue to stop playing after a random amount of time. Then I decided to change one line and it has been functioning fine ever since. Hopefully, the same will hold true for you.

Ok, back to the default.py file. Open the default.py file in your text editor. Go down to line 237. It will look something like this...

if len( self.playlist ) == 0:
#Out of songs, grab some more while playing

Now change the top line (237) to look like this...

if len( self.playlist ) < 1:

Save your changes, and close the file. Close the script.audio.pandora folder. Compress the script.audio.pandora folder as a zip file using the name...


The rest you should know how to do.

Hope this helps. Pandora works in Isengard, Jarvis, and Krypton.

I simply love it. It's simple to use, looks great, and easy to close out when you're done.

Hey everyone,
Just thought I'd update this thread with some info I picked up recently. Ok?

First, follow my guide till you get to the point where you change this section....
def play( self, url, item ):
# override play() to force use of PLAYER_CORE_MPLAYER
xbmc.Player( xbmc.PLAYER_CORE_MPLAYER ).play( url, item )

Ok, forget about revising anything in the above code. Instead, just delete the whole def play( self, url, item ) section.

I discovered this info at Rivy's Github in the Issues section. It was suggested to delete that code. Don't worry, Pandora plays just fine without it.

Saturday night, wife's gone to visit her aunt and uncle, nothing to do, I'm bored...so I thought I'd post this little update. Have been putting it off for the past couple of weeks. It gave me something to do. Like I said, I'm bored. Sad.


Hey trespasser I downloaded from Dropbox https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=303478 and I can't seem to get it to work on my Android phone. I really want this on my phone as I drive a lot. Is that download still good? Do I have to do something that I'm not. It shows up on Kodi but when I click on it , it begins to load but then stops. I can log in to the Pandora fine but then I can't play the music as it starts to load but never completes it. Thanks . Hope you can help.
Hey RacerXcb7,
Yes, the file should still be good to go. Sorry you're having trouble, dude. I think I should point out that I've never tried it on an Android phone before. It works fine on a Firestick that I have and it works fine on my wife's tablet. Same file structure...it should work. I've noticed, though, that when I have my vpn set on a server in Canada Pandora will not play. US only, I guess. I might try to install SPMC on my phone this evening and see what happens. I'll be back in touch once I know something.

Later, dude.

Best regards,
I should add that Pandora seems to like the Confluence skin. If you are running the Estuary (default) skin, change to Confluence and give it a try.

Yeah I tried the confluence but it still doesn't load all the way. Also how do you install it on firestick? Thanks
I just installed CEMC 16.1-3 (my phone has Android 4.4.4) and installed Pandora. It worked just fine. I regret that you're having problems, but I have no idea why it's not working for you. Like I said, it's working for me.

Hey Bob, I figured it out. I unchecked Pandora one and it's working!!!!!! Now how if it's not too much trouble how can I download it on firestick? Thanks so much Bob from another Bob!
Hey Bob,
Sometimes it's something simple that keeps things from working, isn't it? Glad you got it going. BTW, you figured it out...I didn't do anything. No need in thanking me.

The Firestick thing can be a bit difficult. Do you have Kodi (SPMC, etc.) already installed on your Firestick? If not, then you have a lot of reading to do. Try googling for the procedure. You'll need ES File Explorer installed on your Firestick. Within ES File Explorer you'll need to enable "show hidden files and folders". The main folder for SPMC, CEMC, Kodi, etc., within the Firestick's file structure, is hidden.

If you already have Kodi (SPMC, etc.) and ES File Explorer already installed and know your way around the Firesticks file structure, then installing the Pandora addon should be easy.

Just an FYI, I used samba to connect to the Firestick with my laptop (you can do it with a Desktop as well). I'm a Linux person (16 years and counting...Ubuntu, to be specific) so it was easy for me. If you run Windows on your laptop or Desktop, then I have no idea. Maybe someone else can chime in to explain how to use samba in Windows.

Best of luck.

as  5/28/2018::     this word for  me   thanks   Trespasser
Latest update still works but lost some functionality like rate and skip buttons. Any ideas trespasser?
where do I get the latest update?

I tried the version on dropbox but it plays a few songs then stops.

I am running the latest kodi 17

Trespasser - help.  Latest OSMC 17.6 also getting same as JamesGrey - plays a few songs and quits.  Any suggestions or updates?  Thanks in advance.
Sorry, guys, but no updates from me. I was having the same problem with Pandora just suddenly stop playing selections after a random amount of time. I saw nothing in the code to account for that. It should update its playlist when the list nears zero, but for some reason it doesn't do that on a random basis. The only solution is to close Pandora, then reopen it again.

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to report that I've been running the latest Leia updates by Milhouse (#0814 currently for me) and Pandora is running perfectly. For the last few days Pandora has not stopped playing unexpectedly not once. It just keeps going from one song to another. Very nice.

Pandoki, on the other hand, brings up three songs in the playlist, plays those, then stops. In other words it doesn't refill the playlist with new songs. This is in Leia, of course. In Krypton Pandoki plays just fine.

Have a good one.

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