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Full Version: pause and tvheadend
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If anyone doubts by stance on piracy the mods only need google to help them out.

Ok, so now I have removed a further addon. I don't need to post a log, because I can also tell you what the fault was... but first the problem.

When pausing live tv the tv stream freezes when you try to play. Most of the time using 'stop' or changing channel would get the system running again, but occasionally the whole system would freeze.

The solution was relatively straightforward once I could ssh to the system - the timeshift directory that tvheadend was pointing to did not actually exist. Once this problem was resolved the pause/rw/ff/skip function works as expected.

Obviously there is a misconfiguration here. But there's also a bug, or at least a failure to notify the user of the error.

Is it a bug in tvheadend for not attempting to create the directory, or not warning that the directory does not exist?

Is it a bug in kodi or the tvheadend front end for trying to pause when the directory was not present, or there was a misconfiguration to the same effect?

Something else?

Just posting in order that someone might find an answer to their problem, or that someone else might improve some code.
Without a log it would be guesswork where the problem could be. If you have removed the banned addon then a log will confirm it and I'm sure someone will try to help.
I've moved this thread to the TVHeadEnd section, given the nature of what you found so that the relevant authors can maybe see it.

I'm presuming you're using the TVHeadEnd PVR add-on.
Tvheadend actually does notify the user when there is an issue like this. If you check your logs, you'll probably see that each time you tuned a channel that Tvheadend could not create the buffer file.