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Full Version: Use Itunes folder structure
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I have a quite large Itunes library containing TV-Shows & Movies. All files are organized the way Itunes does it.

Itunes Media
--Breaking Bad
---Season 1
----01 Pilot (HD)
----02 Cat's in the Bag... (HD)

..and so on

Now I just started testing/using Kodi and I like it. However I'd be pleased not to have rename all my files/folders to be able to migrate into Kodi.
Is there a way to keep having this folder structure and get it to work with Kodi as well ?

Perhaps I should add that I use Kodi on Android-tv only (so far)..
That looks like the folder structure Kodi already uses, did you try scanning your content into the Library?
I am not familiar with iTunes, so I have no idea how iTunes does it.

But your example shows a folder structure that is accepted by Kodi, as long as you set your source on "TV-Shows"

The show names are not dicated by Kodi, but by the scraper sites. The default scraper is theTVDB.com. So your shows need to be named the same way they have them named on the site. There is no getting around that.

Your episode numbering needs to be recognised by Kodi. The standard episode numbering formats are here... http://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_files/TV_shows In your example, you will need to add the Season number into the name. eg... S01E01 Pilot, S01E02 Cat's in the Bag.

Renaming is fairly simple and can be done quite quickly. There are a number of programs available to do that. Search for The Renamer, FileBot or Batch Rename Utility
See, theres my problem!
I dont want to rename the files cause then they do not work in iTunes.
I would like to keep it just as is.

Is'nt that possible in some way?
Maybe you could use nfo files & local scraper, I don't know you'd have to read up on it. Or ask Apple to change their horrendous iTunes application Big Grin