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Full Version: Configuring TV Guide
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Hi, I'm running Kodi 17.3 & Libre Elec on a RPi Zero W, watching Live TV via a DVB tuner through TVHeadend 4.2 backend and client.

The TV guide is OK, but I would like to configure it to group channels into genres, remove some channels, re-order channels etc.
I know I can remove channbels via TV HeadEnd, but not the other things I need.

In the TV guide, I can see the "Options" option in the bottom left corner of the guide. It is not reachable with CEC on my Sonia Bravia TV remote, as far as I can tell. Can anyone tell me if there is a way?

With an attached mouse, I CAN reach it. Clicking it sometimes (but not always) brings up a VIEW OPTIONS menu with one group set to All channels.
So it looks like this is where you';d do what I want to do. But moving the mouse at all causes this menu to go away. So I'd like to know how to set up TV guide groups and other configuration options, please.

Also I don't see any channel; logos as I've seen in screen shots elsewhere. Any ideas why?

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Sorry if I got the wrong forum Darren, but my question is about the Kodi UI, which I thought was just fed raw EPG data from TVheadend.
I didn't think the TVHeadEnd people wrote the TV Guide menu system.
This section is for the TVheadend PVR addon for kodi
I understand the frustration. In Tvheadend you can create channel groups by making "tags" in Tvheadend, and then tagging your channels. This would be the method you'd use to get your genre categories. Just make sure that the "synchronize channel groups with backend" option is on.

As far as getting access to the menu in the EPG screen: what I've done is added the "lingertime" setting to the advancedsettings.xml. This option tells Kodi how long to keep past EPG entries in the guide. I set mine to 30 (minutes) because I rarely need to see old guide info. Then, when you keep moving to the left in the guide, after you select the current program (and maybe he one before it), the selection will move to the options menu and it'll open.
Thanks folks. The settings I expected to see in the guide are in fact, in Settings -> TV Kodi dialogue. There I can define groups and remove channels, which is what I wanted to do. Is there an advantage to doing it in TVHeadEnd instead? It's not interactive at the TV there, and if activated and synchronised would wash away the TV Guide settings, I think, so it would seem to be worse, but I'm a beginner.

I found that the empty Kodi Guide dialogue was empty because I had no groups defines, except "All". So now I see the groups, but I still cannot gt to them as moving the mouse causes the menu to disappear. But since I can do what I need elsewhere in Kodi, I'll leave advancedsettings.xml alone.

Thanks again.
The advantage to keeping everything on Tvheadend and having it fully manage your channels, groups and guide is that it's a central place that all clients can pull from. You make the change in Tvheadend, and it automatically gets applied to all of your clients.

Otherwise you have to set up your channels every time you add a new client, or they ma not survive a major version update of Kodi if file formats change, etc.