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Full Version: Movies in ZIP FILE Folder-Auto Artwork Covers
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Dear Gents,

Thanks for your support. I managed to insert individual movie covers using FANART/ART WORK. Doing one by one takes time, My question is that in case I have all movies in one ZIP FILE, is it possible ART WORK to do automatic covers? or still I have to select movie by movie in the library?. Let me know if possible and how. Thanks.
Here is the Artwork Wiki page which may be of assistance... http://kodi.wiki/view/Artwork

I am not quite understanding your question.

1. You have movie files in Zip file. Is the artwork in the Zip file also?
2. If No, then do you have artwork in the same directory?
3. Have you run an Update Library? This should automatically add artwork..., http://kodi.wiki/view/Library_update