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Full Version: Kodi will not scan "TV Shows" to it's Library . .
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I have tried all the scrappers, reinstalled Kodi several times in 3 different devices Nvidia shield, Windows 7 PC, and a tablet... .. .. still the same thing , Kodi will not scan to the "TV show " library . Is it the scrappers or Kodi itself. ? All others scan well to their respective libraries except the TV shows. Anyone Else has the same problem .. for me this problem was recent..about 2 weeks ago...
Anybody here can help me, or explain to me why ?
Not without a debug log.
In addition to the Debug Log, also provide the following:

Name of the TV Show that is not scraping
The link to the show on the Scraper Site
How you have named the TV Show and the Episodes
Are the TV Shows on a local hard drive, network storage or internet?
Here it is, http://paste.ubuntu.com/25367607/
Many thanks in advance.
it will not scan to library any TV shows. It worked before, I followed the correct naming convention.... I managed to upload 30 plus complete TV shows with thier Episodes (X-Files, GOT, Rome, Outlander ....) ...then it stop . .. so I reinstalled Kodi and try to upload them again... it will not do it anymore, including the ones that I was able to upload previously.... all this TV shows (Bluray/DVD rip) files are in my media PC/Server (Harddrives) .I am using Nvidia Shield 2017 to watch them on my TV. I don't get this problem with any other libraries , like Movie ,MTV ,Music.... just the TV shows library. They are in the sources, I can watch them from there but no info and will not scan to library.Another thing I tried to uninstall TVDB add-on , so I can reinstall it. it won't let me. TVDB is also not listed in the dependencies.
When you uninstalled, did you also remove the data from Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/?

I just tried scraping your Combat! show, and I had no problem scraping the first season. So it is not a problem with the Scraper or TVDB.

I note your directory structure...

smb://DESK/Combat!/Combat! S05E24 - Jonah.avi

Which is your Source directory you set in Kodi?
I removed everything that has to do with Kodi, I did clear the data and cache on the org.xbmc.kodi App selection menu, before I uninstall Kodi. Iam sure I cleared the user data because when I installed Kodi Again all the metadata for the movies I uploaded are gone ,so I had to scrapped it again.The Kodi program itself is installed in the Nvidia shield internal memory storage drive. I have several sources ,since I have a big collection of media, My SD DVD files are in the hard drives in my my Desktop PC ( Desk). and my bluray HD media are in several hard drives in another PC my Media-PC ,they are all connected by wire. TVDB will start scanning it but will not scrapped it, it will not show up in the TV shows Library... The TV show Library remains Empty. The scrapping percentage on the upper right hand corner of the screen remains at zero percent while TVDB scanns the files. I can access the files via the source directory and play it from there but no TV shows library. I also tried and installed Kodi on my desktop PC and try to upload and scrappe the TV shows, the same thing happens, same thing with with my tablet. Maybe TVDB is blocked here in North America? I also tried the other information source add-ons like TMDB and XE.. still the same. No TV shows library.

from the debug log

WARNING: No information found for item 'smb://DESK/Combat!/Combat! S01E30_The Walking Wounded_TVV_Tt.avi', it won't be added to the library.
Ok understand.

I just need to know the Source directory you set for that show.

In your example you have...
smb://DESK/Combat!/Combat! S05E24 - Jonah.avi

Which is the source you set in Kodi
You mean this S:\TV Shows VHS ?
No, I mean in the path that I plucked out of your Debug Log and have repeated twice.
Kodi in Nvidia shield.. there is no address it is just a folder combat! shown as a video source. It just shows the folder icons. . I set the source by browsing the icons... I did not write any paths... it's all icons . . "smb://DESK/Combat!" that is all that is written in the bottom when I selected it.
Until I get further information from you, I think you have incorrectly set up your sources.

Please read this wiki page as it might clarify what I am asking... http://kodi.wiki/view/Adding_video_sources

Your last answer does not make sense. You have a source set otherwise it wouldn't be scanning.
Also, this is the wiki page showing how you should have your TV Shows directories setup... http://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_files...irectories

Take note of the diagram in section 1.1
I don't understand what you mean by source directory path. Nvidia shield is an android device not a PC, you add your media sources by using a remote and browsing through the menus. How come they (TV Shows) were scrapped before there were no problems, I haved named and configured them according to that.. ( http://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_files...irectories). I have been to the wiki page many times and I cannot find any answer that is why I came to this forum. I know how to add sources because I have added hundreds of Movies and other media already... like I said before the TV show is the only one that won't scan to the library..
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