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Full Version: SPMC - Movie category issue
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Hi all,

I recently started using SPMC on my Nvidia Shield.

On my external HDD I created 2 folders: Movies and TV Shows.

Unfortunately, even though I marked the content of the Movie folder as "Movies" and "scanned for new content", they don't show up on my home screen..

TV Shows work perfectly.

The strange thing is that I do not even see a Movies category on my home screen. I only have Pictures, Videos, TV Shows, Music, Programs and System.

Please help Sad
Sounds like they didn't get scanned in. What folder structure are you using & did you tick the option "Movies are in separate folders" ?

This might help you Naming_video_files/Movies (wiki)
Thanks for your feedback.

I just used "Universal Movie Scraper" instead of "The Movie Database". The category is now appearing and everything is working fine. Smile