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Full Version: Stop TVH Adding deleted channels
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I've recently moved house and had to set up TVH again in the new location.

I've scanned and pruned to the channel list I want from the channels available, but TVH is adding all of the deleted channels to the channel list overnight (I guess). I've deactivated 'Idle Scan' on each tuner, but still happening. These channels then make their way into Kodi and I go from 50 wanted channels to 200+.

What setting have I missed to prevent this?

If you have a bouquet setup - it will automatically map any services it finds to channels.

You could just disable the channels instead of deleting them.
What edit4ever said. Just go to the Channels tab and uncheck the checkbox next to the channels you don't want, then don't forget to click the save link before you leave the page. Then those channels won't be visible in Kodi.
Thanks guys, I'll give those a try
I had the same issue and resolved it this way:
1-Enabled all the wanted channels in channel list and disable those that i do not want. Hit save several times.
2-Selecting all the wanted channels by highlighting them, click on "map services" and click detach selected channels from bouquet..

Voilá, no more messing around with my list.