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Full Version: [Android] Video freeze when navigating menus
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After all the updates to the VP, I have the problem that video often freezes when navigating menus in Kodi. The easiest way for me to reproduce it is by opening the TV Guide (like in the attached log). Please be informed that this is not the conventional short freeze which has always been common when opening the TV Guide. In this case, video stays in the frozen state for some seconds until a playback restart takes care of it.

With this setup running on Sony BRAVIA 4K 2015 I refer you to this https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2524644 Thanks @wrxtasy for that post.
I know that Sony Android TV is bullshit, but it is starting to get ridiculous to blame them for everything.
How about you plug in another device and compare it. I use my shield all the time and don't have issues
Things are for sure easier on an octa core @ 2 GHz. I doubt that this is the right testing device...
Well a proper test device certainly doesn't include a Sony TV with broken firmware