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Full Version: A better HDHomerun PVR client
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Hi All,

If you have not seen this already, there is a fairly new PVR client for the SD DVR service that in my opinion is a much better option than the client available in the official Kodi repo.

- Handles the SD DVR backend (if you use this) unlike the one in the repo - you know, like a PVR client should.
- Handles multiple tuners without the duplication issue the one has had in the official repo that never seems to get addressed.


I have been using this for the past few weeks and it works as advertised.
Excellent to see options like this.

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is ”An HDHomeRun recording engine instance”
The recording service can be run on different platforms - so I think he means you just have to have the service running on some machine on your network for the client to access it.
(2017-08-07, 02:27)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Excellent to see options like this.

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is ”An HDHomeRun recording engine instance”
@nickr the DVR service here https://shop.silicondust.com/shop/
I see, I think I'll keep my $35 per year and continue with mythtv, which seems to do everything this service does, and probably more.

I can see the attraction though.
I use it and it works very well. I also pay for schedules direct though to mess with other things. I'm looking to upgrade my server soon so will circle back and look at tvh and myth once done.
I'll have to give this a whirl tonight. I'm finding anything having to do with SDHDHR basically unusable, other than strictly OTA Live TV.
You might want to try a flush and reconfigure. Deleting the whole instance directory (where your settings are stored) and letting Kodi rebuild them actually cleared up all my crashing issues. It may have something to do with different versions of the internal modules, some of them updated, some of them not. The settings may not have been updated with the modules.

I am getting the SDHDHR connection from NextPVR as my backend so I only had to re-enable that client module and I was back in business. On the down side, I also had to rescan my media libraries and reinstall my preferred skin. Nevertheless my Kodi is now stable and (knock-knock) reliable.