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Full Version: Problem running Kodi Audio Mixer add-on
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Hey guys,

Im listening to an album lately which has a loooad of bass

I don't use a sophisticated amp at all so I'm trying the Kodi Audio Mixer add-on.

But I'm stuck at the first gate here, running the add-on takes me to a broken/erroneous UI/config display where my only.option is to press OK.

(Kodi 17.1, add-on ver 4.0.1)

any alternatives out there?

Kind regards.

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The question is, do You use Windows OS or Linux. AFAIK this plugin is made for Linux OS. But i came here today also to say about problem with Kodi Audio Mixer.
In my case it do not allow me to control my audio hardware. It always show some simple controls for HDMI outputs, and very limited (i can only mute). No any options at all. Here is the photo:
Mute is working, but my problem is, that i'm using external audio device. For few days i was using some very cheap i-tec external sound card (USB, based on some Realtek chipset), but the plugin show same options like on the photo. Even, when default output was external USB sound card.
I changed it into something better, E-MU 0404 USB, but plugin looks the same. I can control only HDMI outputs.
Here are my KODI device specs (LibreELEC, lspxi, dmesg, lsusb, uname, and devices i use): http://www.marcinwilk.eu/kodi/system-info.txt .