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Full Version: hdhr plugin vs hdhr add-on
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i just installed kodi on my rpi2 (osmc flavor) and set up the zuki.pvr.hdhomerundvr-linux-armhf-krypton- pvr client, as well as the hdhr video add-on (to watch livetv, haven't yet decided on s/d's record service or eyetv, still have to get a nas)

while zuki works well with kodi (mute,ch+/-,etc) the hdhr add-on is easier to use, but it doesn't have the same functionality as s/d's hdhr app on osx (the discover search display, easy cc toggle)

is there a kodi hdhr interface as good as the s/d osx app, orwill there be a native s/d hdhr app for linux?
The Kodi addon by SD was originally done as part of a "stretch goal" from their DVR Kickstarter, IIRC. However, since their Windows app is the only one that can view DRM content, and their DVR can't record DRM content, I imagine they've got more pressing projects. Also, considering that their DVR software is nearly 2 years behind schedule, and their Android app has actually lost functionality, you may want to consider another source for your TV viewing software.