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Full Version: Where do I see extra content in tmm?
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I have movies (avi-files) with extra content (deleted scenes) and put them in the subfolder "extras".
tmm doesn't recoginize the extra avi files as separate movies. This is ok - I think.

But I can not see the extra files somewhere. I don't see them in the media files list of the movie.
Where should I see the extra content? I can I check if everything is fine here?
exactly there.
works for me.
//movie (2017)/extras/dummy.avi is listed there as "video extra"

Can you post the logfile after updateing (with name of movie/file)
Or post complete movie directory structure?
This is the directory structure. There are three movies in one folder. Two of them have an "extra".
$ ls -1R Free
Free (1980).avi
Free 3 - Final (2004).avi
Free II (1989).avi

Free 3 - Interview.avi
Free - Deleted Scenes.avi

This is what I see. Maybe I missunderstood you?
That doesn't work that way.
If you want the extras folder, you have to move (eg right click -> rename) every movie into it's separate folder.
(This is also the recommended structure)
We assing extras/* to your movie... and since you have multiple in there, this won't work....
Thank you. This is workin.

I know about the specific directory and filename structure Kodi needs. But I use tmm to do this for me. Scrapping the movies, make the meta data correct and then let tmm rename the files and dirs. That was my plan. It works - but not with the extra content.