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Full Version: [WIP] metropolis themed mod - skin.fuse.neue.MET
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[WIP] (fuse)neue.MET

a Metropolisthemed mod of (fuse)neue
This is based on my large text mod.
The .zip file is complete and is renamed as “skin.fuse.neue.MET” so it can be installed along side the standard version of (fuse)neue.

note: added two colors to the color picker

watch gallery

This is based on latest GIT 1.0.4 (8.25.2017)

zip download:
i would love to give it a try.
Always interested in new nice looking skins. Or modded skins like this one
skin.fuse.neue.MET is ready for download, see first post
this is a work in progress, let me know if you see something you would like fixed
Can't seem to download
(2017-08-11, 23:23)Jay19802005 Wrote: [ -> ]Can't seem to download

tested on ubuntu and mac and it worked fine.
can you give more info?
https://ibb.co/dyLxXF. This is what I get
(2017-08-12, 19:07)Jay19802005 Wrote: [ -> ]https://ibb.co/dyLxXF. This is what I get

I have know idea how you got to that. Never even heard of imgbb.com
the file is hosted on sync.com and the image preview is om imgur.com

what OS are you using?

I am assuming you clicked on this link
and then clicked download.

Perhaps if someone else reports the same issue or has a suggestion
Yes I clicked on link and then download then I just got a file with a ? In the middle of it...imbb is what I use to upload the image I sent u
you can not download my file-you should have gotten a .zip file - strange

your link was empty till i discovered there is a "." at the end of the link.

the image looks like it is from a phone, is that correct?
if so i do not know how to advise
I'm on my phone, I don't know how to post screenshots here to good..is there a way too that I know of
first off what OS are you using kodi on and trying to download my mod on?
I'm on s8 plus
i am sorry but i have no idea how to install kodi or this mod on any phone
you will need to ask on that phones forum
good luck

I can get the skin and is beautiful
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