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Full Version: Kodi v17 Video Playback Issues
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I have installed Kodi on my INTEL NUC, with an Debian Linux.
Everything works just fine and the experience is way better compared to my previous Windows 10 installation.

I have one issue though. When I play one video at a time, everything is just perfect.
However when I choose "Play from here" or just add videos to my queue it gets messy.
The first video plays just fine, but when it switches to the second one, the video get stuttery. It plays like 1 second then jumps back a few ms and play again for a second.
At some point Kofi will just crash.

When I stop the playback and restart the video, everything works again.

INTEL NUC dn2820fyk
4 GB Ram
2 External usb drives

Videos playing are local video files.

Kodi Version:
[email protected]:/home/htpc# kodi --version
17.1 Debian package version: 2:17.1+dfsg1-3 Media Center Kodi from Debian
Copyright © 2005-2013 Team Kodi from Debian - http://kodi.tv

Thanks for the great application!
Hello MKay!

You will need to provide a debug log. The instructions are in my signature. Use the Basic method. Once you have enabled debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging, restart Kodi then replicate the problem. In your case, set up your playlist and allow it to play through so you replicate the stuttering. Once done upload to pastebin and link back here.

Strangely, I recall someone else writing almost the exact same thing within the last few days.
Thank you.

I just did everything regarding to the tutorial.
I did saw the debug text in the upper left corner.
With the Debug information showing it worked just fine, for like 2 hours.

Then I stopped the logging to watch a show.

Now I put the Videos back to "Play from here" and the issue is back.
Seems like the issue is solved when turning logging on -.-