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Full Version: Movies disappeared
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Running kodi on Debian Sid
$ apt-cache policy kodi
  Installed: 5:17.3-dmo2
  Candidate: 5:17.3-dmo2

I have a directory structure that is:
Videos/Movies/<Genre>/... [Source called Movies starting at Videos/Movies]
Videos/Series/<Genre>/... [Source called Series starting at Videos/Series]

For some reason, nothing under Movies shows up any more.
I've rescanned
I've removed the source and recreated and still nothing

My kids use kodi so is it possible that they may have inadvertently done something?

Series is unaffected and I can see all sub-directories and files
Is it possible you have the setting "Hide Watched" enabled?

See here... http://kodi.wiki/view/Basic_controls#Sidebar_menu
you sir are a scholar and a gentleman